During 2022, several joint case studies that illustrate the conceptual modeling tools for project development were chosen in cooperation with Ukrainian research at several universities in Ukraine.


In addition to the understanding of the cases themselves, the use of approach has several objectives: 1) to make the communication between the partners and stakeholder networks more transparent, inclusive and effective, 2) to structure complex issues by using a holistic system perspective, 3) to plan sequential project development with relevant methods and realistic goals, 4) to maintain a critical evaluation of results, 5) to allow progressive improvements regarding both hypotheses and conclusions, 6) to generate proposals for new projects, and 7) to help project initiation itself.




Case Study posters will be posted here by 30 June so they can be viewed prior to the workshop on 5 July.

More information will be posted here as the case-study themes and groups for 2022 become established. The case studies will be, themselves, the hands-on exercises and exemplification during the training course and the following workshops.