Methods Course

"Tools for Collaboration and Project Initiation" 

3-20 May 2021  

Course Announcement

(May 2021)

PLATFORM "Tools" Manual

(draft manuscript 210503)

Short introduction to the three steps in conceptual modeling

(recorded from a distance course, Univ. Kabul, 2020)


T-1. Tools Course Introduction


T-2. System Sketch


Introductions to the Case Studies presented on Tuesday, 4 April are found under "Joint Case Studies"

T-3. System Sketch Discussions

        incl. group instructions


T-4. Case Study Status Reports


T-5. System Analysis Introduction


T-6. Case Study Discussions     
(System Analysis)

T-7. Case Study Discussions - Continued
(System Analysis)

T-8. MCE Introduction
(Synthesis Modeling)

T-9. MCE - Discussion of Case Studies

T-10. Case Study MCE Discussion and Course Conclusion