Project Goals

This seed project will most specifically focus on the following, achievable goals: 

  1. Strengthen the initial partnership (Sweden, Azerbaijan, Russia), identifying the participants from all three target groups.

  2. Expand the partnership, utilizing the SWS network of Academies of Science in the “priority” countries and the SWS Scientific Committee members

  3. Construct a PLATFORM website for internal and external information dissemination.  

  4. Carry out a web-based, training course in Case-Study Methods, with adaptations relevant for the partnership. 

  5. Carry out two hybrid workshops, with separate focus on Case-Study Methods and on Case-Study examples, in order to explore further development of the PLATFORM approach and its role in internationalization, as well as giving support to specific, joint case studies arising from the PLATFORM project.  

  6. Demonstrate initial case studies (at least 4) using the modeling tools from PLATFORM. Documentation will be on the PLATFORM website and in conference papers.  

  7. Present PLATFORM as poster or session at the September EAIE (European Assoc. International Education) conference in Gothenburg.

  8. Write a draft manual for using case-study methods to facilitate transdisciplinary internationalization. 

  9. Prepare a Swedish Institute proposal for a PLATFORM collaborative full project.