Swedish Institute funding

Academic Cooperation with the Eastern European Partnership

The Swedish Institute (SI) offers funding to Swedish universities, for projects together with their partners in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Universities from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland may also be involved. The overall thematic area is strengthened capacity for internationalization within higher education and research.

This program has several goals which PLATFORM will address:

1. We believe that many difficulties regarding international project initiation can be reduced if the prospective partners can combine their perspectives in a joint problem analysis at an early stage. Case-study methods for this purpose help to identify system influences, knowledge gaps and areas with feasible development possibilities.

2. Discussions related to this conceptual system modelling will also allow all partners to understand the diversity of perspectives and to identify their contribution importance in relationship to others. This is especially important in trans-disciplinary and trans-sectorial projects with multiple nationalities.

3. The focus group includes both active researchers and those with management responsibilities at the partner universities. Their insight and support for the case-study approach will enable PLATFORM participation to expand and gain significance, both for research and studenet projects.

4. Since international networking is central to the goals, we have also partnered with SGEM World Science (SWS), a scientific society with extensive conference experience. Hybrid workshops will be held at the SWS conferences.